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Landing Pages 16

Learn how to create high conversion landing pages and how to use them to support your activity on the Wired Plus platform.

  1. How to create a sales funnel with Wired Plus
  2. How To Embed A Survey On A Landing Page
  3. Using the Landing Page Code Editor
  4. Landing Page Tracking Codes

Insights & Data 10

In this module you will learn how to collect and manage data in the Wired Plus platform along with how to gain insights from the data.

  1. What happens when a contact resubscribes?
  2. Changing Subscriber List Details
  3. Individual List Overview Reports
  4. Contact Activity Reports

Surveys and Forms 18

Find out about creating and implementing surveys and forms to collect data which can be used to optimise email campaigns and strategies.

  1. Working with the Survey Reports
  2. How to set up Page Branching in your Survey
  3. Product release – Surveys
  4. What is NPS? Net Promoter Score explained


Find answers to common support and frequently asked questions about the Wired Plus API and all Integrations into Wired Plus.

  1. How to use Dynamic Rows
  2. Testing Your API with PostMan

Reporting & Analytics 7

Find further information on how to gain deeper insight into your email marketing using the comprehensive Wired Plus reporting and analytics suite.

  1. Account Summary Report Overview
  2. Reading Campaign Reports
  3. How are ‘opens’ tracked in email reporting?
  4. What is a unique open?
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