Setting up a workspace for your Wired Plus API

You can test your WiredPlus API development with PostMan, a free-to-use software package.

Download PostMan from the following URL: https://www.getpostman.com/

From the main PostMan dashboard, you have the option to create a workspace:

Firstly, create a new collection using the folder icon using the left-hand panel under the Collections tab. Enter a name for your collection and click Create. You may also amend other options at this point including: Authorisation, Headers, Pre-Request Script and Tests.

Authorisation Settings

From within the Authorisation tab, set the type to ‘Basic Auth’:

In the username and password area enter the ‘API key name’ from inside your Wired Plus account as the username and your password will be the API key that is generated.

WiredPlus/Settings/API Keys

Click Create and now you are ready to add new requests to the Collection.

Setting up a request

Change the drop down from ‘Get’ to ‘Post’ at the left of the URL bar.

Enter the URL: https://api.wiredplus.com/v1/CreateContact

Within the Authorisation tab, select ‘Basic Auth’ in the Type field. The Authorisation username and password will then be auto populated with your data that was previously set.

The next step is to set your parameters. Click on the ‘Params’ button next to the URL or the Body tab.


From the Key screen enter the value you wish to submit to the API call. The values for CreateContact are:


first_name Contact First Name
last_name Contact Last Name
name Full Name
gender Male or Female
company Company Name
job_title Contact Job Title
address Company or Home Address of contact.  Character limit of 255.
address_2 Additional address information if required
city City
county County or State of Address
post_code Postal Code/Zip Code
country Full country names.  E.G. United Kingdom
www Contact website address
email* Valid email address.  This is a required field.
telephone Contact telephone number with area code.
mobile Contact mobile telephone number.
tags Tagging allows you to search a contact record.  Separate tags with a comma.
Optin You are advised to only upload opt-in data through the API.  Each contact may be assigned SingleOptIn or DoubleOptIn status.
contact_list_id You have the option to use the CreateList which on successful insert will provide an ID to use for contacts, or from within the system Subscribers / Lists you will be able to select the ID of a list by hovering over it’s name on the list page and providing it when submitting contact records, so contacts will be automatically associated to the list.
custom[NAMEOFCUSTOMTEXTFIELD] Collect additional information about your contacts by creating a custom field specific to your business needs.  To create a custom field input the name of the field in square brackets.  For example:

custom[Industry Sector]=’Accountancy, banking and finance’

Last Update: May 15, 2018  

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