Adding Custom Data Fields

If you need to add custom data fields to assign more data to a contact, you can do this under Subscribers > Custom fields.

Custom fields are useful to assign other values against your contacts, for example the contact’s first name, date of birth or position – all of which could be used to further segment or personalise your email campaign.

Custom fields are applied to your full database and can be added at any time.  Custom fields cannot be deleted or adjusted if there is data held inside them.

To add a new field:

Select ‘Add Custom Field’

Create a field name and a placeholder so that you can recognise the name of this field.

Remember: field names cannot include spaces, and cannot exceed 20 characters.


Choose the field type from the drop down.  This will depend on the type of data that is held inside the field, and how it is used later:

  • Text: This fields contains text, but can also include numbers and dates in a text based format.
  • Number: This field can only contain numeric values, for example phone numbers.
  • Date: This field can only hold dates and will structure the field in a date format.


Last Update: October 11, 2018  

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