Getting started: Campaign setup

Inside the Campaigns tab, you have three options:

  1. Campaigns:  This is where you will build and send your email campaigns
  2. Templates:  This is where you can build and publish email campaign templates
  3. Inbox Test Results:  This is where you will see the results of any email tests you have run

For now, we’ll look at Campaigns, as this is where you will spend most of your time.

On the Campaign overview page, you can easily see an overview of your campaign performance including the average open and click through rates.

Inside the tabs next to Summary you will see:

  1. Drafts:  These are campaigns that are being worked on and haven’t yet been scheduled
  2. Scheduled:  These are campaigns that are waiting to be sent at your agreed time and date
  3. Sent:  These are campaigns that have been successfully sent
  4. Cancelled:  These are campaigns that have been scheduled, and then cancelled


Creating a New Campaign: The 5-stage creation process

To begin a new campaign build, click Create Campaign in the top right corner. This takes you into the Campaign Detail page, where you are asked for some basic information to start your campaign process.


Click Save to continue into the 5 step process:


Campaign Subject is the first step of the 5 stage campaign creation process. At each stage you can see the name of the step, the name of the campaign, and what stage you’re at. Use the circle images to navigate through the process, and remember to Save and Continue to move onto the next stage.

The blue circles will show an outline when you have started a stage, and become full when you have completed a stage.


Campaign Subject and Campaign Information

On this page you can specify:

Subject Line

The subject line will appear in your contact’s email client. Try to get all the information in the first 60 characters of the subject line. Add personalisation by choosing which field to include on the side pop up.

Friendly From Name

This is the name that your email will appear to come from.

From Address

Choose a custom domain to ensure your campaigns are fully branded. If you haven’t got a custom domain inside your account, please contact your Account Manager.

Optional Reply-To Address 

If someone replies to your campaign, the replies will be saved in the system. You will be able to access these through the reporting section. You can enter an email address here and the replies will be forwarded to this address.

Click Save & Continue in the bottom right of the page to move onto the Design stage.


Design Campaign Content

At the point you can now work on the design and content inside your email, we will talk about how this works in more detail here.

Click Save & Continue to move onto Recipients.


At this stage you can now choose which lists to send your campaign to. Choose a List, or a Segment, or both. Leave these fields blank if not required.

Test & Schedule

Here you can now run further tests including an Email on Acid test to see how your email renders on other devices, or choose contacts inside your test list to receive a version of your email. If you need to make any changes to the email, now is your chance before you move on to Confirm and Send.

Confirm & Send

At this final stage, we will run a check against the key elements of your email campaign and let you know if we suggest any amends. For example, if you haven’t completed the plain text version of your email,  we will remind you here.

Campaign setup

Last Update: February 14, 2019  

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