Reading the Campaign Reports

Our platform allows you to view detailed reports on how your campaigns performed. To see the results of an individual campaign, head to Reports > Campaign Summary.  Then, choose the campaign from the list displayed.


The first report shown is the Overview report, you can drill down from this campaign to see more detail.

This report includes:

  • A thumbnail image of your campaign
  • The name, subject line and ‘from address’ for the campaign
  • Details of when the campaign was sent, and to who

The campaign overview statistics show top level statistics for each of the below metrics:

Emails sent – How many emails were sent for this particular campaign

Emails delivered – Shows the number of emails delivered. If there is a difference between this figure and total emails sent, it will relate to hard and soft bounces shown further down the list.

Unique opens – Number of emails tracked as being open. This number is worst case scenario as not all email clients allow tracking.

Total views – Number of how many views your email has received.

Estimated forwards – Number of times the email was forwarded based on a differed IP address opening the email, from the first email.

Email shared to Social Network – Number of views generated by your campaign when posted on social network sites.

Non openers – Number of those who have not opened your email.

Unique click – Number of users who clicked links in your email.

Total clicks – Number of links clicked, including same user clicking more than once.

Click to open rate – Number of clicks generated by your email as a % of the total number of recipients.

Replies – Number of replies you have had in response to the campaign.

Dropped – Number of permanently undeliverable email addresses.

Bounced – Number of temporarily unavailable email addresses.

Unsubscribes – Number of those who have requested to be removed from address book.


Send summary

The Send Summary page details the following:

Send list – The list of the contacts that have been sent the email

Bounced contacts – The list of the contacts that bounced during the campaign send

Unsubscribed contacts – The list of the contacts that unsubscribed from the email list and therefore have been suppressed from the account

Complained contacts – The list of the contacts that complained and therefore have been suppressed from the account

Who opened it? – The list of the contacts that opened the email at least once

Who clicked a link? – The list of the contacts that clicked the email at least once

Who did not open? – The list of the contacts that did not open the email

Reply messages – The list of the contacts that replied to the email


Detailed Reports

The Detailed Reports page details the following:

View Analysis – This shows which links were clicked in your campaign, and how frequently.

Click Analysis – This graph shows when the clicks occurred and which link was the most popular inside your email.

Email Client Analysis – This report shows how your campaign performed by email domain. This report is useful in a B2C environment to see if you campaign is performing better with Gmail users, or Outlook users. In a B2B environment you can use this to see which company is interested in your campaign.

Geographical Analysis – This graph shows where in the world your audience engaged with the email.

Hot Prospects – This is a breakdown of your most engaged contacts with the campaign.

Last Update: June 6, 2018  

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