Scheduling your email campaign

When you are creating your email campaigns, you might not want the email to send straight away.  When creating your email campaign, you’re able to schedule your email send for a date or time in the future.

You can schedule your email on step 4 of the campaign build – ‘Test & Schedule‘.

By default, the ‘Send immediately’ button will be selected.

You will need to click ‘Schedule campaign for later‘. This will expand the scheduling options.

You will then be able to select the date and time of your email campaign send.

You also need to input a ‘Confirmation email’ below the scheduling options. This address will receive an email when the email campaign is sent.

Once you are happy with your scheduled send time, click on ‘Save Schedule & Continue‘ at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the final step of the campaign build – ‘Confirm & Send’.

Last Update: July 22, 2020  

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