The Difference between Contacts and Lists

When uploading contacts to Wired Plus, you can upload contacts to your overall contact list or to a specific contact list.  To access the Contacts area, select ‘Subscribers’ from the menu then navigate to ‘Contacts’.  To access the Lists area, select ‘Subscribers’ from the main menu then navigate to ‘Lists’.

If contacts are not assigned to a list, they will not be included as part of any list and therefore will not be included in any email send.

Creating and Viewing Lists

To create a new list for your contacts, navigate to the List pane from the Subscribers menu.

Here you can see all the lists that you have previously created, the number of subscribers currently in the lists and the date that the list was last updated.  To create a new list, use the ‘Add List’ button in the top right corner of the page.  You can select a name for the new list and place the list into a folder if relevant.  A public list will be shown in the preference centre, giving the subscriber the option to subscribe to that list whereas a private list will not be shown.


Adding A Contact To A List

You can choose to add a contact to a list at the point that they are added to the system as a customer or this action can be taken retrospectively.  When adding a new contact to the system, select the list that you wish to add them to from the drop down menu.


In order to include a contact in an email send, they need to be added to a specific list.  The lists contain similar contacts who are grouped together for email sends.  Contacts can be placed in more than one list at a time.

Archiving A Contact

If you no longer need to store the details for a contact in your system, navigate to the ‘Contacts’ pane then tick the box to the left of the contact.  Then, click the ‘Action’ button on the top right corner of the pane and select ‘Archive Selection’.  Be careful to ensure that you only select the contact that you wish to remove.

Suppressing A Contact

You may need to suppress a contact if they manually request an removal from your email list.  Suppressing a contact ensures that you do not send any further communication to a contact in your email list.  Navigate to the ‘Contacts’ pane, find the contact, tick the box to the left of the contact you wish to suppress.  Then click the ‘Action’ button on the top right corner of the pane and select ‘Suppress Selection’.

The contact will then be added to a suppression list which can be accessed in the ‘Subscribers’ tab by selecting ‘Suppression’.

Importing Contacts

You can import an existing contact to your contact list by selecting the drop down menu from the ‘Add Contact’ button.  Select ‘Import Contacts’.

The Import Contacts panel is then displayed on the right hand side of the screen.  You can choose to add the imported contact to a pre-existing list or to the Contacts list.

Last Update: June 6, 2018  

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