Working with Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to collect subscriber data that is specific and relevant to your company. This is an easy way to hold custom information for example this could range from dmeographic information such as name, address or job title, through to purchase history or marketing preferences.

To start using a custom field with your data you need to navigate to Subscribers, then click Custom Fields.

To add a new custom field to your data, click ‘Add Custom Field’.

Submit the following information on your field:

  • Field Name:  Give your custom field a relevant name.
  • Field Description (Placeholder):  Describe the purpose of your data field in more detail.
  • Default Value:  Choose a value which will be displayed if the field is left blank.
  • Type:  Choose whether the answer to the data field is in Text, Number or Date format.
  • Field Is Searchable:  Choose whether you can filter contacts using data in the custom field.
  • Privacy Settings:  Choose whether the field is shown in a preference centre.

Once your custom field is saved, you’ll now see this in 3 areas:

  • Subject line: Insert your field into your subject line so that it populates during the send process.
  • Email body: When working in a text block, choose Merge Tags to insert your field into your email body so that is populates during sending.
  • Data Import: When importing a csv, you can now map your data to your new field, to ensure the data is held against the record and it populates in your subject line or email body as above.

Last Update: August 4, 2020  

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