How To Set Up A Preference Centre

When emailing your contacts, you may wish to allow the recipients to change their details or their preferences. This can help to reduce unsubscribes and helps promote engagement with your audience.

The preference centre function in Wired is enabled for all accounts as a default. Your user can access this via the unsubscribe page, or you could insert a link to the preference centre using the Special Links options inside your email campaign.

You can choose to displaye certain Lists and Fields inside your preference centre. Lists hold your data so this enables to user to add and remove themselves from groups. Fields contain individual contact’s information, for example their job title or name, so this enables them to change the granular detail on their record.

To choose which Lists appear in your preference centre:

  • From the dashboard, click on Subscribers > then Lists
  • Choose the List that you want to appear in the preference centre and click on its name (the blue text)
  • On the next page choose “List Information” from the top tabs
  • Choose Public to make the list visible in the preference centre. Choose Private to remove it from the preference centre.

Follow a similar process to choose which data fields appear in your preference centre:

  • From the dashboard choose Subscribers > then Custom Fields
  • Down the right-hand side of the page you can see the current settings for each of the custom fields
  • If the field is set to Public, it is visible in the preference centre and can be amended by the contact. If the field is set to Private, it does not appear in the preference centre
  • To change the visibility of a field click on the cog icon next to your chosen field > choose Edit > update the settings in the form that pops up on the right-hand side of the screen and then click Save.

Last Update: August 4, 2020  

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