When viewing a contact in the Subscribers section, you can add a note to their account by selecting ‘New Note’ from the dashboard.

To help organise notes for each contact, you can then select the reason you are putting a note on the account.  Notes include:

  • General Note
  • Phone Call
  • Email
  • Appointment Note
  • SMS
  • Concern

You can use these note types to keep your accounts organised and meaningful.

Once a note has been added to a user account, they can view it from their contact dashboard.  Once the note has been resolved, the user has the option to delete the note by selecting ‘Remove’ from the drop down menu.  The menu can be opened by hovering over the three dots to the right of the note title.  Alternatively, the user can select and amend the note before reassigning it to the relevant person.

Note that changing the note type does not change how the note appears in the contact dashboard.  Note types are only visible once the note has been opened.

Last Update: June 4, 2018  

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