Tasks can be set up to remind your team members that they need to take a particular action.  They can be viewed in both the Marketing and Agenda tabs from the main dashboard.  Tasks are useful for planning and organising your working week.

To add a new task to a contact, navigate to the Subscribers area.  Select the Contact that you wish to assign the task to.

From the contact summary page, select ‘New Task’.  You can then specify the task details:

Task Subject:  Give the new task a memorable name.  This is the name that will appear when the contact views their system.

Task Detail:  Let the contact know exactly what you need them to do.

Assigned To:  Select the person responsible for completing the task.  Useful if you are creating the task away from the user to whom it is assigned.

Task Due Date:  Set the date that you need the task to be completed by.

Task Priority:  Let your contact know how urgently the task needs to be completed.  Select from ‘Low’, ‘Normal’ and ‘High’.  Note that the default priority for tasks in Wired Plus is ‘Low’.

Task Reminder:  Ensure that your contacts don’t forget to complete the task.  Set a reminder to ensure that the task is completed by the set deadline.


Last Update: June 6, 2018  

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