Wired Plus makes the creation of sales funnels a quick and eays process.

Stage 1 – Landing Pages

The first step towards creating sales funnels and conversion funnels in Wired Plus is to create your series of landing pages.

Use the landing page editor to create landing pages for different purposes based on how you want your funnel to work.

They can be used to:

  • host downloads,
  • promote products + services
  • collect data and sign ups using data capture forms.

Think about all the different landing pages that you would need to funel your contacts to conversion and to upsell opportunities and create the pages.

You can also use t landing pages as an opportunity to promote additional products, services and downloads.  These are known as ‘tripwire landing pages’ as they appear before your contact is directed through to a page where they can complete their original download, purchase or other type of conversion.

Learn how to use the landing page editor.

Stage 2 – Connect the pages with marketing messaging

The next step towards creating your sales funnels is to tie these landing pages together.  .

You can do this with email trigger campaigns and automation flows based on activities, behaviours and data collection.

Create an automation workflow which incorporates each of the individual landing pages in a logical order.

Remember that you need to make sure that tripwire landing pages are displayed before the thank you pages to capitalise on any opportunities that arise.

Trigger email marketing campaigns based on landing page activity and contact behaviours that are sent as soon as a contcat hits the required stages in your buyer journey and marketing automation flow.

For more information on creating sales funnels and conversion pipelines, contact your Account Manager.


Last Update: June 6, 2018  

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