Using the Landing Page Code Editor

To create a landing page in the code editor, navigate to ‘Landing Pages’ using the main navigation bar then click ‘Create Landing Page’.  Select the Code Editor in the Landing Page Detail tab then click ‘Save’.

You can then choose an existing layout, theme or saved template to use for your landing page.  You are then taken to the code editor where you can input your HTML code. We recommend this option if you are familiar with HTML code or are inputting a design or structure from another source.

Use the ‘Options’ button at the bottom of the editor to add links to an Active survey.  Selecting a link from the list displays copies the relevant code to your clipboard, you can then paste this where needed in the editor.

Use the ‘Preview’ button in the bottom left of the editor to make sure your landing page displays as you intend before clicking ‘Save & Continue’ to finish the landing page creation process.

Once at the second stage, you can add a tracking code to the landing page.  This allows you to monitor the page’s performance.

Finally, Publish the page to make this live in order to use this inside email campaigns or on social or other marketing channels.

Last Update: June 6, 2018  

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