Product Release – Lead Scoring

We have some exciting news: Lead Scoring is now live in Wired Plus!  By using the Lead Scoring feature, you can more effectively automate your sales and marketing activities, and you can sort your highly qualified leads from the rest.

You can chat with your account manager to find out more or receive a demo.

What is Lead Scoring?

A lead score is a simple number that you give to a contact.  You can increase or decrease the number based on how a contact engages with your business.  The more they interact with your business, the higher their lead score will be.

By default, Wired Plus gives three lead categories: Cold LeadsProspects, and Hot Leads.  You can score your individual contacts based on their actions and interests.  This score will then go into a profile of your lead to help you determine how valuable they are to your business, and if they should be passed on to your sales team.

In the new Lead Scoring feature, you can:

  • Set custom scores for email engagement, landing page engagement and survey engagement
  • Set custom scores for known information of contacts
  • Set the length of the inactivity period before a contact’s lead score is deducted
  • Manually add lead scores to a contact
  • Set the thresholds for when contacts are flagged as cold leads, prospects or hot leads
  • Segment your leads based on their lead scores

We also have a ‘Lead Summary’ report, so you can see all of your contacts’ lead statuses at a glance.

Lead scoring

How can I get started?

To set up Lead Scoring, navigate to the ‘Apps’ tab on the main menu and click on ‘Lead Scoring’.  You’ll then be navigated to the ‘Leads Summary’ page.  Here, you’ll eventually be able to see the categories which your leads will be put in based on their individual scores.

From here, you can navigate to the ‘Settings’ page to set your lead score values.

Setting up lead scoring

We hope you really like the new feature!  If you need help using it or setting it up in your account, the get in touch.  There is also lots more information on our newly updated helpdesk.

Last Update: December 5, 2018  

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