Feature release: Dynamic Content

Do you want to provide your contacts with a more personalised experience? Well, now you can. Introducing our newest feature: Dynamic Content.

You can use the tool to display specific content to your contacts based on the data you hold for them. When a contact matches a certain rule, such as ‘Gender is Male’, they will see a unique message. This means that your campaigns will be specific, targeted and relevant to help drive more conversions and a higher engagement rate.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic Content is content that changes based on your contact and the rules that you have created. This enables you to:

  • Show precise content to your audience
  • Increase engagement as the content becomes more relevant
  • Save time and effort building multiple campaigns
  • Understand what content resonates with your audience to help improve future campaigns

How does it work?

Adding Dynamic Content to your campaigns is super easy:

  • When you are editing a Trigger Campaign, click on the row you would like to work with.
  • Select ‘Open Builder’ under the Content Properties tab and create your rule.
  • When a contact matches your rule, your specific row will be displayed. If the rule isn’t matched, then your row will not be displayed.

Dynamic Content

How can I get started?

Dynamic Content is now available inside all Triggered Campaigns and is available to all clients on an Enterprise license.

To find out more about Dynamic Content or if you want to add it to your account, just get in touch with your account manager. We’d love to show you how it works!

Last Update: July 21, 2020  

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