August 2018 release – WebTrack

In this month’s release we have also improved and made some exciting adjustments to WebTrack. You can watch our introduction video here:


In a nutshell, WebTrack lets you see how your contacts engage on your site once they have clicked from your email. Identify your hottest contacts and then use segmentation or automation to target your contacts with messages and campaigns based on their previous behaviour.

What are the benefits of WebTrack?

We know that when a contact clicks away from your email onto your site, it’s hard to track their exact engagement. You may see generic messages in Google Analytics, but you can’t assign that behaviour to a person.

WebTrack connects the dots and inside your Wired Plus account you will see the following:

  • Top 10 Campaigns – see what campaigns have driven the most traffic to your site and which contacts visited
  • Top 10 Contacts – see what contacts visited your website the most often
  • Top 10 Pages – see the top pages visited on your site

By implementing a line of JavaScript onto your website we will start to track website sessions and visitors. If the visitor comes from an email, we will be able to identify them and therefore can associate behaviour back to that record inside your account. If we can’t identify them, for example if they did not click through from an email we hold their behavioural data anonymously until we can identify them at a later date.

Using WebTrack in your account

Depending on your package type, you can use the data gathered from WebTrack to enhance your marketing campaigns, build segments or build into an automated Workflow.

WebTrack is available as an addon whether you are using a Standard, Professional or Enterprise account. Please contact our team here to book a demo of this tool in action or add this to your account.

You can also see our support documentation on WebTrack here.

Last Update: August 17, 2018  

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