Platform Update – Nested Segments

This week, we have improved the segments feature in your Wired Plus account, so you can further personalise your contacts’ experiences with your business.

What are nested segments?

You can now take basic list segmentation to the next level.  How?  With nested segments.  This means that you can build multiple layers of criteria within your segmentation rules.  Nested segments allows you to combine AND/OR logic into segments to sort your subscribers into very specific, nested groups.

The more you know about your subscribers, the more extensive your segmentation can be.  The result of using nested segments should be precise, better-defined target groups.

How do nested segments work?

Nested segments are similar to basic segments, but there is more depth to the logic of nested segments.  While basic segments help you target subscribers based on simple, straightforward logic, nested segments let you sort your contacts in a much more complex way.

It will allow you to choose AND/OR statements.

  • AND statements: this logic will add the contacts who meet all of your conditions. For example, subscribers who are male AND opened your last campaign.
  • OR statements: this logic will add the contacts who meet one or more of your conditions. For example, subscribers who are from Manchester OR Leeds.


Basic segments are limited to one type of logic, but nested segments can support both AND/OR logic into different segments.  It’s an extremely powerful tool for when you need to define complex conditions to filter your subscribers.

How to get started with nested segments

Go to Subscribers > Segments > Add Segment

You can then choose a name for your segment and assign the segment to a folder, which will enable you to organise your segments.

Then, you will be able to set your ‘Include Conditions’ and ‘Exclude Conditions’.


Click on ‘Add Condition’ to start.  You will then see a list of condition types to choose from.

  • Subscriber – segment based on a contact’s specific data such as gender, age group, email address and lead score
  • List – segment based on which list a contact is in
  • Campaign – segment based on a contact’s activity (or inactivity) against a campaign that you sent, including sends, opens and clicks
  • Survey – segment based on whether a contact completed a survey or not
  • Landing Page – segment based on whether a contact visited a landing page or not
  • WebTrack – If you have WebTrack enabled in your Wired Plus account, you can also segment based on website activity and behaviour tracking


Once you’re done, you can click ‘Complete & View List’.

Last Update: December 14, 2018  

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