Page Branching, Date Import Options and More

The Wired Plus team have been as busy as ever to bring new and exciting improvements to the platform.  As well as the launch of lead scoring, we have also added the option of page branching in your surveys and we’ve introduced date format options for when you import contacts.  We have also updated our image editor within our email campaign builder.  Read below for some more information on these updates:

Page Branching

Page branching allows you to create your survey with multiple routes, and respondents will only see the questions that are relevant to them.  The next page in your survey that they see will be based on how they answer their current question.  The custom path that a respondent will take through your survey will depend on the rules that you define for them.

Survey page branching

To read more about this, check out our Helpdesk article.

Date Import Options

When you upload contacts from a spreadsheet or CSV file, you can now choose the format that you want to the date to be imported in.

After uploading your contacts, on the data matching page next to the date field, click the drop down menu and select from one of the following date formats:


Date import options

To read more about this, check out our Helpdesk article.

Updated Image Editor

We have replaced the image editor in the Wired Plus campaign builder with a new tool.  The image editor is the tool that is displayed when you select an image within your campaign and clicks the ‘Apply effects and more’ button.

To open the image editor:

  1. Click on an image within your campaign.  This will open the picture’s ‘Content Properties’
  2. From here, clock on the ‘Apply effects and more’ button’.  This will open the updated image editor.

Updated image editor


Last Update: December 4, 2018  

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