August release – Workflow Updates

We have made some exciting new changes to our Workflow tool and Automation Suite. If you have an Enterprise account, you will find this under the Automation tab in your account navigation.



Workflows allow you to build simple or complete automation flows that trigger very targeted campaigns to your contacts exactly when you say so.

By using a combination of delays, campaigns, decisions and update nodes you can launch a series of messages that run every day, or every year, depending on your rules.

This month we have also launched a ‘Subscription’ node, which allows you to automate the movement of contacts between Lists and to automatically unsubscribe a contact when they reach your desired step in the workflow.

What is the benefit of automation?

Using automated workflows allows you to simplify processes that you may be manually running, such as sending out a welcome email to new contacts or sending out annual reminders.

Workflows also allow you to send targeted emails based on recent campaign behaviour, such as a follow up campaign to contacts that have recently opened or clicked on a previous email or have submitted a survey.

This gives you the ability to provide a highly relevant customer journey for your contact and a positive brand experience.

Using Workflows inside your Wired Plus account

Workflows are available on any Enterprise account. Please contact our team here to book a demo of this tool in action or add this to your account.

You can also see our support documentation on Workflows here.

Last Update: August 17, 2018  

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