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Getting Started

Find answers to the most common queries that users asked when starting to use the platform.

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Email Marketing

Get answers to the most common questions about email marketing on the Wired Plus platform.

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Surveys and Forms

Find out about creating and implementing surveys and forms to collect data which can be used to optimise email campaigns and strategies.

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Contact management

In this module you will learn how to manage your contacts and the get the most out of your data.

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Marketing Automation

Learn more about using the Wired Plus platform for Marketing Automation and behavioural marketing campaigns.

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How To

FInd out how to perform complex tasks and how to use the different tools in WIred Plus in collaboration to make your marketing easier and more effective.

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Landing Pages

Learn how to create high conversion landing pages and how to use them to support your activity on the Wired Plus platform.

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Reporting & Analytics

Find further information on how to gain deeper insight into your email marketing using the comprehensive Wired Plus reporting and analytics suite.

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Find answers to common support and frequently asked questions about the Wired Plus API and all Integrations into Wired Plus.

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Find answers to common basic queries about the Wired Plus platform.

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Find out about the features and tools within Wired Plus that will support GDPR compliance and our thoughts on best practice.

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Learn how to use the WebTrack function and how it can help you funnel users towards a desired action

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