Get answers to the most common questions about email marketing on the Wired Plus platform.

  1. What happens when a contact resubscribes?
  2. Working with Custom Fields
  3. Working with Borders
  4. Using Campaign Tags
  5. Using a campaign template
  6. Types of Segmentation
  7. Scheduling an email campaign
  8. Adding tracking to your campaigns
  9. Using Double Opt In Settings
  10. Creating Sign Up Forms
  11. Reviewing and Sending your Campaign
  12. Working with Campaign Replies
  13. Working with the Campaign Send Summary page
  14. Creating a Split Test
  15. Campaign Send Settings
  16. Working With Social Icons
  17. Working With Dividers
  18. Working With Buttons
  19. Reading Campaign Reports
  20. Using a Custom Domain
  21. Changing or Cancelling a Scheduled Campaign
  22. Working with Segments
  23. Using Spam Check
  24. Removing and Suppressing Contacts From Your Account
  25. Adding buttons to your campaign
  26. Working with Text
  27. Creating a Campaign from Scratch
  28. Working with Images
  29. Working with the Campaign Calendar
  30. Using the preview tool vs inbox testing
  31. Using the Image Manager
  32. Testing your campaign
  33. Getting started: Creating your campaign in HTML
  34. Getting started: Campaign setup
  35. Creating the plain text version of your campaign
  36. Editing Text in the Drag and Drop Editor
  37. Deleting a campaign
  38. The Difference between Contacts and Lists
  39. Copying a campaign
  40. Getting started: Choosing a template
  41. Supported browsers for using Wired Plus
  42. Using the Drag and Drop Editor
  43. Working with Links
  44. Personalising your email
  45. Working with Custom HTML
  46. How do I suppress contacts?
  47. How are ‘opens’ tracked in email reporting?
  48. What are custom domains?
  49. Supporting mobile responsiveness
  50. Can I add GIFs in to my email?
  51. Different bounce and suppression types
  52. Using the Body tab in the Drag and Drop editor
  53. Using the Structure tab in the Drag and Drop editor
  54. Using the Content menu in the Drag and Drop editor
  55. Change row properties
  56. Adding a Background Image
  57. Using web fonts
  58. Using free images
  59. Working with the Body tab
  60. Using special links
  61. How to add a link to a PDF
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