Different bounce and suppression types

Sometimes emails won’t get through to the recipients inbox. Our email marketing system will let you know why an email has bounced.

There are two types of bounce:

  • Hard bounce:  This occurs when an email is sent to an email address that doesn’t exist anymore or has become invalid. This email address will be placed in the suppression list.
  • Soft bounce:  This occurs when delivery has been successful but another reason has caused the mail to bounce – when the mail has been blocked by the inbox’s filter for example.

Learn more about data hygiene and email bounces.


If an email address bounces too many times, it will be suppressed in your account to stop you from sending to it again. This helps the reputation of your sending address, and prevents your server being blocked for spam.

The default setting will suppress a contact after 1 hard bounce, and to remove a contact without suppression after 4 soft bounces.

Bounce and suppression types

Here are the various types of bounces explained:

  • Active – A live contact that can be emailed and contacted
  • Archive – A contact that sits in the archive. This allows you to place contacts into an archived state when you don’t want them to be Active or Suppressed
  • Bounced – A bounce is caused by a temporary failure. In this scenario, the email will be tried several times to be resent to till it is dropped.
  • DomainSuppression – A contact that matches a domain suppression rule in your account, for example everyone with a @gmail.com domain, is removed and suppressed.
  • Dropped – A contact where a send has been tried several times and cannot deliver therefore becomes dropped.
  • IspComplained – A contact is suppressed as they have complained to the ISP by junking or spamming the email manually
  • Suppressed – A contact that has been manually suppressed by a team member using Wired Plus.
  • Unsubscribed – A contact that has chosen to be unsubscribed from an email message they have received.

Last Update: February 14, 2019  

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